What’s Embroidery Set-Up?

Embroidery “set-up” is the process of converting your logo or design artwork to a special digitized file that can be read by automated embroidery machines. The fee for this process is calculated using the actual number of stitches in the embroidered design. This set-up fee is typically $35 for most left-chest sized logos or designs. 

Application Charges

The cost of applying your embroidered designs to your item will be included in the quoted price for your apparel order.

How do I Get my Design Embroidered?

  1. Send us a copy of your design (business card, stationery, or other artwork) so we can determine your actual set-up costs: Email a file (EPS, GIF, JPEG, or PDF) to Rick at
  2. We’ll email you a set-up quote.
  3. As soon as you give us the go-ahead and some camera-ready artwork, we’ll create your design in embroidery and send you a sample swatch for approval and a catalog link with hundreds of sportswear items to choose from.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact us below.