Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions commonly asked about the Poloworks stores:

What is involved in setting up a Poloworks Store?

Basically, just three simple steps: First, we “set-up” your logos or designs for embroidery or screen-printing. Second, we help you to select as many types or styles of apparel you want to offer in your store. And lastly, we construct the Store incorporating virtual images of your logo’ed apparel and using your website’s graphics and color schemes as a guide.

How long does it take to set up a Poloworks Store?

It depends mostly on the number of styles you have in your Store, but typically a Store can be set up in a few days.

How can you offer these Stores for free?

Since we make our money from the production of the merchandise, we simply offer the e-Stores as a free service to help make it easier for your members to buy and for you to sell more gear. We have invested in a separate secure online storefront application that allows us to quickly create and manage your individual storefront. It's called Poloworkstores. Feel free to visit and browse sample store or some of our customers' stores (if they haven't elected to secure their store with password access). 

Can the Store look like our own website?

Yes, we create your custom Store banner using graphic design features similar to those of your existing website, and therefore make the transition from your website to your new e-Store relatively seamless. In fact, if/when you renovate your website to a new design, we will re-design your Store as well, at no charge.

How do we get to our Store?

You can access your Store either from a direct link on your website (we provide your webmaster with the specific URL), or from the Poloworkstores website using a predetermined password.

How are my Store prices determined?

For every item in the Store, Poloworks will provide you with a base retail price, which is the minimum price we need to receive in order to cover our cost for obtaining the wholesale item(s), printing and/or embroidering, credit card processing and order packaging/shipping. And, depending on how much profit you would like to make, we will markup the retail price accordingly. 

Can we use the Store to help in fundraising?

Yes, there are a number of options for using the Store as a fundraising tool. Typically they range from simply receiving a check from Poloworks for a negotiated percent of retail sales, which is the most popular, to pre-purchasing your own inventory at wholesale prices and reselling at retail prices - we hold your inventory for fulfilling your online orders.

How long does it take to get my order?

Because the Stores typically give you the ability to select from a variety of embroidery and personalization options, most of the items in your Store are not pre-decorated and sitting on a shelf... they are made-to-order when received. We try to keep a small blank inventory for each customer Store to help minimize lead-times, but with so many decoration options, we can't stock every style, with every logo, in every size, in every color. As a result, orders are typically shipped within 10-12 business days.

What is the return policy?

Poloworks provides a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed warranty on all orders.  So if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it for a full refund, replacement, or credit. We only ask that when you purchase personalized items that you try to make sure your order the correct size.

How do we place orders?

Simply browse, point and click! The secure Store software walks you through our shopping cart and check-out procedures. All orders are credit card only. Your credit card statement(s) will reflect your order as a purchase from our store hosting company, named Poloworks.

Whom do we contact with questions or special requests?

We have a designated contact person at Poloworks, who can answer any questions you might have concerning the Store or your order. Contact:

Rick Pascal, at 860-918-0848 or email: 


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